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Amazing Gun With Vertical or Horizontal Settings. Connect to Your Pressure Washing Gun. 

* We Use This gun personally and love it. Thick Foam/Shaving Cream Like For Pre Wash.


About this item 

  • MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0 is newly released. Equipped with Thicker Snow Foam Technology, it makes an even thicker, creamy foam like shaving foam. 
  • Includes adapter for Karcher K series. Compatible with Karcher K2, K3, K4, K5, K7. 🔸Note: Cannot be connected to "Karcher PS Series" that adopts 1/4 Inch Quick Connect. (K1700, K1700 Cube, K1800PS, K1800PS Cube, K1900PS, K2100PS, K2300PS) 
  • ✅New features and functions of V3.0 Foam Cannon S. (1)V3.0 Foam Technology – a small amount of soap gives a thick, shaving cream-like foam. (2)V3.0 Structure – easier and smoother to control 360-degree spray. (3)V3.0 Straw Tube – easier to consume all the liquid in bottle. (4)V3.0 Bottle and Cap – easier to attach bottle to Foam Cannon body. (5)MJJC Connection/Fitting – easier and faster to attach fitting, no need glue or PTFE tape. (6)New Style Bottle – less possibility to tip over. 
  • Operating pressure range: 1300 psi to 3600 psi; please use different orifice nozzles depending on the pressure performance of the high-pressure cleaner. (The higher the pressure, the larger diameter orifice nozzle required.) 
  • 1.25mm orifice nozzle (1600-2200psi) is pre-connected to the main body. If the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is 1300-1600 psi, replace the nozzle with the included 1.1 mm orifice nozzle. If using with the high-pressure cleaner at 2200 psi or higher, replace with a 1.35mm or larger orifice nozzle (sold separately).

MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0

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