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Wax Cleans and Shines in One Step

About this item 

  • CLEAR COAT SAFE: Say Happy Father's Day with a car wash foam soap that combines the power of carnauba wax and synthetic polymer technology to clean your paint gently while providing additional wax protection that enhances the shine of your vehicle. 
  • DEEP SHINE: It combines two car cleaning products into one innovative formula that not only gently cleans your vehicle in one easy step, but also leaves behind a deep, glossy, just-waxed shine that will turn heads wherever you go. 
  • AMAZING SUDS: The Incredible sudsing action of this foaming car wash soap lifts dirt and grime from your vehicle's surface without the risk of swirling, ensuring a safe and effective cleaning experience with consistent, lasting results. 
  • EASY PAINT MAINTENANCE: Add Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax to your car wash kit to efficiently clean, shine, and protect your car’s surface in-between regular waxings so dad’s ride is always looking its absolute best. 
  • VERSATILE PH NEUTRAL FORMULA: This wash and wax car wash is pH neutral and compatible with all other Meguiar's washes and waxes. This means dad can trust it to safely and effectively clean your car without stripping its wax.

Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax

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